July 22, 2018
August 1, 2018

Food and CHEMO

I have been working to contribute and recommend a proper diet when “going through CHEMO.”  I read (somewhere) that beans are the key to gut biome health.  There is also a body of evidence that support this notion.  When I “went through” my six cycles, I ate something with beans with EVERY MEAL.

Here is my first  >made by the let’s try this method<  AND it turned out good enough to publish.

The building block ingredients are pictured below.

I do not work for any of these producers.  I do, however, work in the food industry.  The canning method remains a very good way to preserve food for later use.  The three [C’s] apply here.  COMPACT CLEAN CANNED 


Here is the preparation method.  Recall rule ONE. TWO. THREE. 

1. No measuring with cups and things. 

2. Substitutions are expected.

3. The result is more important than any change in the recipe.

Start with a good baking bowl that will hold a least two quarts.  ADD the three cans of beans. Drain as much of the liquid out as needed to make a good and thick mixture.  The garbanzo beans liquid must all go.

ADD bacon bites and brown sugar and some sea salt.  Mix again remembering that “stirring beans” makes them mushy.

Now for the pineapple chunks.  Pour some of the juice on the beans and drain the rest for later use (like a tasty fruit drink).  Put the chunks on top and mix in slightly so as NOT to put the chunks on the bottom.

Cover and bake at 360 degree (F) for about one hour.  Remove and let settle for five minutes before eating.  ENJOY improving your gut biome one bean at a time.