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November 10, 2017
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November 19, 2017

FINALLY. some real talk

The CN_N (infusion) machine has finally came to the table with some real news.  This post is NOT political.  I do not care how you voted in the past, will vote in the future, or how you are currently voting now. This post is about the vary bias we all have as humans that (the destroyer) has exploited on social MEDIA.  Please take note of this.  Thee stated goal of the (BIG FIVE; fb,Goo,twtr,instgm, other) is to find ways to bring us together in thought, word, and deed.  What has really happened is that exact opposite.  Pick a subject.  Discuss.  Think.  Talk.  There are always two sides to the story.  I pick medicine b/c …well b/c I have aggressive, advanced prostate cancer and this website takes shape to help men (only) through a solution to live with it “like a man.”

Here is the link that starts a real conversation about the people who give us this MEDIA.

First things first.  The page looks like it comes from the (TECH) division.  But the URL has “money” in the pointer.  Then?  The main transcript actor is hidden behind the veil of the very technology that brings “us together.”  Now THERE is a PUN of a magnitude higher than Mount Everest.  I could go on with more …but let’s get to the reason for this one post.

The only way is the narrow way.  The only truth is the one who is truth.  The only life worth a real talk is a life with (the) Christ in the center.  If that makes you squirm, then you have come to the first real site that starts a real talk (about a man cancer whose rate of increase is growing at an increasing rate in the USA).  Do not believe me?  Ask a black man to conduct a survey of his peer group over 50 years of age.  Come back with your result.  Read the label on any packaged food with more than five ingredients and tell me how to grow the additives.  Send a picture of the newest hospital in your area that costs than 10 million dollars.