August 1, 2018
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August 12, 2018


Good Morning !!!

As I awoke this morning, I heard two things: The Spirit of the Father and the song of the Loon on Rice Lake through my window…and now, I am listening to Praise music; ‘How Great is our God.”
This is a Good Morning for many reasons, but today I list: Good because Our God doesn’t let Anything stop Him from manifesting The Kingdom into and upon the lives of any man who cries out to Him in repentant faith… Romans 8:31-39

No Disease, No Taboo, No Cultural Ostracizing, No Curse, No Abandonment or Shunning by Family, No Overwhelmingly Negative Mindset…Nothing can separate us from God’s Love in Jesus… Romans 8:1
What Great Love… I John 3:1 That we are called to be Sons and Daughters of God…and We Are !! Into our hands have been placed the ‘keys’ to the Kingdom. Matthew 16:19
How We Live and Love Matters, Immensely !!!

Confessions: I struggle to feel compassion for lazy people…especially co-workers who do not honor God by keeping their word. I struggle with tendencies toward being Judgmental and Impatient.

I struggle to understand those who say they follow Christ, but are unwilling to attempt it because they think it’s just too difficult or not expected in a Day of Grace. What of His Powerful Spirit within us ?

I struggle to Love those who live half lives with a mindset of ‘settled entitlement’.
Where did we become enslaved ?

Obviously, I need lots of prayer !!! Father hear my heart and thoughts. Cleanse me.

Please Read Matthew 8:1-16
Jesus touched the unclean one. Jesus touched the Leper.
Jesus took the Centurion at his humble word and healed his Slave.
Jesus healed without lecturing the Roman on Oppression and Imperialism.
Jesus conducted Spiritual Warfare and brought Kingdom’s Healing into the home.

Oh, that You and I might be more like Jesus….and less like our natural un-confessed selves

Father, reduce me to love. Enable me to continually set aside my natural tendencies to judge right-wrong, worthy-unworthy, clean-unclean, lazy-hindered, capable-incapable…etc.

Father grant me Greater Wisdom to discern when to speak and when to endure silence. To listen more, pray more, love as You have loved me….so slow to anger.

Lead me to Follow and enable me to Obey You even when the risks are frightening…