DAILY DIGG 12Aug2017
August 12, 2017
WOW. Please tell me this is not true.
August 13, 2017

DAYcation AUG2017

A “DAYcation” is the one day of PTO (personal time off) we give ourselves because the companies in America now run the business “like tomorrow never comes.”  The perfect example is the email we received while using the PTO given as a benefit that requested we stop and visit a customer on the way home.  This all happening on the second day of the six day request for PTO.

Get it?  She was asked to work …dah… and must now make a conversation of “playing on the team” when on vacation…A.K.A DAYcation.  At least it took two days to “hear from the team-player” while staying in constant contact using texts and emails from (the office) during the entire six days.

No real vacation.  No real rest.  No real benefit.  Other than that we had a great time visiting family and some different tourist destinations.  The food was good.  This website took a break.   And now I get on “my cry-baby horse” with this first posting to the internet team.(?)   RLW