July 17, 2017
Cowboys and Indians
July 22, 2017


Evening and Morning…  (page 96 to 104, “Genesis and the Big Bang,” Gerald L Schroeder…the two words have Jewish roots meaning CHAOS to ORDER…evening to morning)
Day One.

In the beginning.
At the end.

Somewhere it says, “He stretched out the skies…”
Something like, we stretch out a blanket in the lush green grasses beside a gently flowing stream.
Then, He created all things. Someday soon He will bring them all to an end.
Perhaps, in my lifetime. Selah.

Early in the Morning, The Son of God rose and went out into a ‘lonely’ place.
Regularly, Intentionally, He entered the Silence…leaving behind the distractions of miracles and mania.
He left the crowds, departed, stepped into the darkness…on purpose.
There the Jewish Carpenter was transformed.
Returning, The Son of God astounded all. except His Father who knew all things….and still does.

I have longed to do the things, He did.
I have longed to BE as He was….and is: Alive Forever More, Doing Speaking as the Father reveals.
I know of His Sufferings; He bore my sorrows, burdens and shame….and yours.
I know mine are crushing when I am reminded of them, but my Joy in Forgiveness is Greater.

I’d dance, but it would mostly be ugly.
I’d sing, but it would be a ‘broken’ Hallelujah.
I’d preach, but God has not granted it….perhaps because it would overflow with tears.

Instead, I write poorly. I walk alongside you when we choose it first. I pour out prayers night and day.

….and by His Spirit – I groan and do battle with principalities and powers.
….and monitor the spirit of the age on Facebook and Blogs.

I hear the distant call of the Loon telling me ‘Morning Comes, but not yet…”
Maranatha. “Even so, Come King of Kings.”