Tell me the Reason
May 11, 2018
One More Sunday Night
June 3, 2018

DAILY DIGG 25May2018

Good Afternoon !!

Good, not because I feel good.

I don’t; I feel physically weak, nauseous and miserable. Wishing for the health I had before the (HIPPA inserted here because we value our First amendment rights). I feel out of control. She senses it. She seeks to contain it until the tears scream and flood.

We, as a society, often minimize the pain of those who are family caregivers; the cost in emotional health and the inability to deeply rest while loved one’s are sick. It is recorded that when Jesus was touched by the woman desiring a miracle, he felt the loss… Luke 8:44-46

Likely it is the same with us if we love as He loved.


The Body of Christ must ‘Bear One Another’s Burdens’ and ensure nurses, counselors, shepherding pastors, wives caring for critical needs of spouses, young mother’s divided 40 ways…virtually every member of the Body of Christ in crisis. This is Loving One Another as Christ Loved us. It is perhaps the most poignant of the historic hallmarks of the 1st Century Church.

It must not be assumed that all healing or caring tasks are beyond us. Mundane things like ‘mowing the lawn, trimming the edges, or managing the yard’…or ‘vacuuming, dusting or grocery shopping’ when someone is overwhelmed becomes it is a generous ministry. Such “Helping Hands” are restorative.

Look around, offer again and again…
Let’s Do the Work God has set before us…
Thank You for your ministry in Jesus Name…