April 21, 2018
All Things Matter even the SUN
April 26, 2018

DAILY DIGG 24Apr2018

Good Morning !!!

Just a Short ‘Daily Dig’ to Stimulate Thought…

The Fellowship of the Trinity is found in many places throughout Scripture such as: I Corinthians 8:6, 2 Corinthians 3:17, Colossians 2:9, John 1:14, John 14:16-17, Philippians 2:3-8 and one of my favorites… I John 1:1-4

Further, I love this quote: “Within the fellowship of the Trinity there is no lusting after power and position. No trinitarian Person considers himself better than the other two, but in loving deference esteems the other two more highly. Roderick T. Leupp

Consider again Philippians 2:3 “…consider others more highly…give deference to others. Have this mind within you…the mind that was in Christ and so markedly different than the world.”

If we truly long to be like Christ and His Father, His Spirit will lead us into ‘deference’ to One Another .* (mch) Ephesians 5:21 Such humble ‘One Another-ing’ Love will be the hallmark of His Body. (mch) John 13:35

This isn’t about one individual humbly submitting to another individual…this is Every Individual humbly submitting to Christ and to One Another for the proving of God’s Love in us. (mch)

How are you intentionally setting aside your own agendas, your own preferences, your own comforts for those ‘others’ in the Body of Christ ?