July 17, 2018
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July 26, 2018


Good Morning !!!

The following has been percolating for awhile…or maybe simmering would be a better descriptor. In any case, I’m stirring the pot, again. 😉
Consider this…

I’ve been re-reading a couple of books that deal with the Kingdom of God / Heaven…
You know…Where God Reigns.

One of those books is Insurgence by Frank Viola

In it Frank paraphrases John the Baptist and addresses us as if John were calling us into the Kingdom today… These excerpts are from page 95.

“To be part of this (Kingdom)…all of your loyalties to the present systems of this world must be severed. So untangle your hearts from them and leave them behind.”

“Pull out of the present empire, pull out of the religious system, pull out of the political system, and pull out of every other damnable system of this world, all of which have enslaved you..”

“…Confess your sins; they will be forgiven. Turn away from your old way of life, sever your ties with this world, and be baptized ___ denoting your death to the old system and your aliveness to (The Son)”

“I issue a warning: The kingdom of heaven is about to descend on the earth.

Rethink. Reconsider. Recant. Get out of the kingdom of darkness because it is coming down.

The kingdom of heaven is about to invade the planet and declare war on all other kingdoms and rivals in this world.”

“Leave them behind while there is still time.”

I’m wondering if such a radical call to action was ever presented to you ?
I’m wondering if such a radical change was ever expected of you ?
I’m wondering if perhaps there still time for our answer ?

Then again, perhaps it’s really not what John meant…