DAILY DIGG 13Oct2017
October 13, 2017
THINK on important matters
October 21, 2017

DAILY DIGG 17Oct2017

I’m considering doing some course corrections…

Once upon a time, the words running through my mind came primarily from the Bible and Hymnal; Songs like this… Just as I am without one plea; Without Him I Could Do Nothing; Are Ye Able Said the Master ?; Only Trust Him; Out of My Darkness Jesus I Come to Thee.

Now we don’t sing them as much because they do not have the same efficacy as in times past…
Why is that, do you think ? To quote a notable book: Who moved my cheese ?

Or is it something else ?
Could it be the barrage of media has stolen from us more than time ?

Could it be, while we are attempting to stay afloat in this world, we maybe just need to follow His Voice, Get Out of the boat of consumerism and entertainment ?

Let me ask it this way:   How much time of the 24 hours each day do you spend ____

      Watching TV or Playing Video Games ? …..
Listening to Music which specifically reminds us of God’s Goodness, Grace and Love ? …..
Scrolling Social Media ? ……
Searching the Scriptures for Strength, Hope, Life ? …..
Serving the needs of others ? ……
Listening, Really Listening to One Another and Praying ? ……

More or less than 15 years ago ?

Thank You for your time.
God Bless, You