August 14, 2017
DAILY DIGG 17Aug2017
August 17, 2017

DAILY DIGG 15Aug2017

Reflections of the early morning…

I was reminded recently that ‘all of us’ have choice’…
What an Exquisite Privilege, Choice…
To Stay, To Leave.
If you can.

Buried within was this presupposition: Each of us is able to make our various choices ‘freely’, without ‘coercion’…
Does that suggest that the results of my choice and your choice will carry the same consequences ?
Of Course not…

Not in this life.
The very hungry man who gives from his abundance to his daughter faces entirely different consequences than when the very hungry man gives to his daughter that without which he deprives himself of life sustaining nourishment…

Marie-Antoinette’s privileged position as a ‘cake eater’ provoked a desperate people to revolution.
Violence and the revealing of a decadent facade.

Father God,
Shut my mouth and open my hands.

All around us people are desperate… Desperately seeking to feel deeply valued, maybe even cherished.
Don’t you ? Can you sense their hunger ? How will I respond ? How will You respond ?

What are we doing with our Privilege ? How are we using our Authority ? For Ourselves ?
….or for those who choose silence because they believe they have no safe choice ?

What am I really willing to ‘deprive’ myself of ? Cake ? ….Anything ?