Technology Morals TRUTH
October 9, 2017
DAILY DIGG 17Oct2017
October 17, 2017

DAILY DIGG 13Oct2017

This day was coming for a thousand-million-million years. How did I know? We organized a time line a such a way that the year of our Lord 2013 (A.D.) would march right into the room. Even then there was an argument. The date(s) was adjusted based on new knowledge. See this reference.

The DIGG today is point number four of the BIG FIVE.

My best is only a passing of time and a dream of the past. I consider it great joy knowing the arrow of time goes only forward. Didn’t have that thought when I was a teenager. Never considered time as a commodity to be purchased. But reading the news(feed) these days we are acting out like there will not be a reconciliation of our time. From the tone of the conversation, I conclude that time will run its course before the pollution solution will find time to reflect on the past.