DAILY DIGG 11Mar2018
March 11, 2018
DAILY DIGG 16Mar2018
March 16, 2018

DAILY DIGG 12Mar2018

Good Morning !!!

I’ve been praying for a particular launch for about a year.
The Launch has arrived at Maranatha.
That’s not exactly true…
I’ve seen the foundations being introduced and built for a bit longer.
The Spirit within me has resonated with this ‘Intentionality’ for over 45 years.
It’s been the central discipline of our marriage almost as long…(at all times, in every way: Make Disciples of Jesus Christ). Intentional Discipleship…not merely inside the 4 walls by ‘hired professionals’ but a discipleship process where every member of the Body is instructed, equipped and expected to make disciples. No Spectators Allowed.

Where disciples are sometimes made by actually ‘living side by side’ while practicing the disciplines of discipleship. Families impacting individuals and other families by sharing life daily over extended periods of time. Perhaps, I’ll tell you of Platteville, or Rice Lake or Mt. Horeb sometime.
Follow me as I follow Christ. Something like Paul’s word…Want to see how to follow Jesus, look at me as I follow Him… Scary simple. Scary transparency. Scary reality.
But Oh, so worth living…
Here’s a great quote from Cody Kargus: “A frail instrument being Transformed by the Grace of God Daily is in a perfect position to be a model for others to follow…”

I Challenge You. Go for it. Need Help ?
Draw Closer, Watch me.
Follow me as I Follow Him and Learn of Christ.
Don’t make Excuses.
Don’t Stop Trying.
Don’t Give Up.
Greater is He that is Within You than he who opposes you in this world.