July 8, 2017
July 10, 2017


Good Evening !!!

It’s been a delightful week of yard work and bicycle rides together; thunderstorms, reading, conversations and remembering what God has done in, with and through us through the years…   This week was absolutely necessary for perspective and strength…

Thinking clearly and introspectively takes time, much time and a faithful team mate.   Sarah has been, is and continues to be such a partner…
And God made the time possible, even planned long before I was aware of my deep need…
Who would have guessed that a week without income could be a blessing ?

“Do you wish to improve the world ?   Good.   But, first seek His Kingdom, Deeply Listen in Silence.”   Matthew 6:33   Eberhard Arnold

Here is a small portion of my readings…

“Eberhard Arnold, a German thinker, saw twice in his lifetime how a loss of inner integrity can have terrifyingly real results for entire nations.   The first time was in World War I, when German Christians rushed to support the Kaiser’s war-crazed nationalism, resulting in millions of deaths.   The 2nd was in the 1930’s, when these same fellow Christians (with honorable but rare exceptions) embraced Nazism.”

Arnold believed and practiced ‘a return to inwardness’ and taught that “only such a return could bring distracted moderns back to Jesus and to constructive work for the Kingdom Christ practiced.”   This ‘Inwardness’ cleanses the soul of noise, falsehoods and distractions and concentrates our will on what is of eternal value.

Further, this ‘Inwardness’, this silent waiting on the Holy Spirit, empowers those who pay the price of sacrificed stillness to accomplish what God puts in front of them…  John 15,  Acts 1:8

How’s your practice of Quiet ?
The Frequency of your times of Remembering God’s Faithfulness ?
What do you need to eliminate from your many distractions to resurrect inner integrity ?