August 5, 2017
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August 12, 2017

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In the middle of Jeremiah’s Lament is a Promise on which to stand in seasons of assault. It’s far more than quoting words, mental gymnastics and will power. It’s far more than positivist thought. Far more than Platitudes.
It is a free choice to remember who God is… It is the Act of Remembering His Faithful Goodness…

It is Worship beyond Emotional stirring.
It is the Sacrifice of Praise often first painful.
It is the Humble Gift of Praying and Weeping Together.
It is the Coming Alongside Each Other in order to Redirect Our Gaze.
It is strengthening weak knees and lifting up weary arms….often silently and without fanfare.

Father God, by Your Spirit, may we be such people…
People who are ‘doing’ and ‘standing’ not beating a drum…
People who give away more than they keep…
People who love deeply privately, but are unafraid to cry out publicly.