DAILY DIGG 31Oct2017
October 31, 2017
November 10, 2017

DAILY DIGG 04Nov2017

We will spend some time this month on the only questions in the history of man that were asked that really matter.  They mattered in 33AD.  It matters now in 2017AD.  It may have mattered before (B.C) the Son of Living God showed up on the planet (in the flesh) and finally set the world on a true path of righteousness and salvation and truth.

The questioning begins in chapter 23 of our favorite book (Luke) in the collections of books edited as the Bible.  The time ends in John.  Go there (Luke chapter 23) now and follow along?

First link is herePonder with us the state of weakness as HE answers the first question. Luke 23:3

Next link is here.  Think with us how do spend our money as a nation of legal citizens? Luke 23:6

Next link is here.  Wonder with us about the voice never to be heard. Luke 23:9

Next link is here.  Ask yourself the question why does all this matter to me?  Luke 23:22

Final link is here.  Witness the truth with us in the final hours before the only death that matters (as of 04NOV2017AD).  John 18:37