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February 21, 2018
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March 3, 2018

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Good Morning !!!

Suppose a person entering a house were to feel heat on the porch, and going further, were to feel the heat increasing, the more they penetrated within. Doubtless, such a person would believe there was a fire in the house, even though they did not see the fire that must be causing all this heat.
A similar thing will happen to anyone who considers this world in detail: one will observe that all things are arranged according to their degrees of beauty and excellence, and that the nearer they are to God, the more beautiful and better they are.

Source: Sermon-Conferences on the Apostles’ Creed
Thomas Aquinas

Interesting, simple conclusion: To draw near to God is to be improved in beauty and godliness. To draw nearer is to be further improved. Read James 4:1-8 Do it !! Don’t just skim this and say later I’ll read the Scripture.
What do you desire more than anything else ? That is what you are being drawn toward. That fire burns hot and either vexes or blesses you. Only God improves beauty and goodness. Only God is the source of goodness, mercy and things beautiful. Only He Blesses.

Everything else has an increasingly diminished return on time and money expended.
Ecclesiastes 1:14, Ecclesiastes 2:11, Ecclesiastes 6:9
“What does it profit a man if he gain all he desires (that is in the world), if he loses his soul ?”… He will find himself empty, no longer as God intends. (mch) Mark 8:36-38

What consumes you ? Whom do you most want to please ? What are you thirsting for ? Power, Position, Authority, Recognition, Acceptance, Approval ? Why ? Is it for God’s Glory, to His Praise and being done His Way ?
…or something else ?

He deeply loves you and desires for you to experience increasing Beauty and Goodness: Life as He has designed it; that you might delight in Him and enjoy it. Matthew 6:33