July 18, 2017
Daily DIGG 21JULY2017
July 22, 2017

Cowboys and Indians

When I was young  boy we played this (cowboys and Indians) as a game.  I was part of an eight member tribe (a white guy) named the Tatonka (buffalo) Indians Dancers.  We were in parades.  We danced as part of a Boy Scout scheduled events program.  We received awards, plaques, and recognition from the organizations we performed in front of.  There was the hoop dance.  We had the tamahawk dance and fire dance.  And the toe-heel buffalo performance dance.  Do this now?  NOT.  NEgative.  NOT PC.  We would probably get arrested by the “weak ones.”

HERE IS WHY……..PLEASE watch this if there is an inch of man remaining (and encourage your women also to watch)


ALL MEN are hereby put to notice!  This is most certainly a prostate cancer attribute!  RLW