June 28, 2017
Wisconsin MILK
July 5, 2017

Could NOT resist

This fourth of July is special for my family and me.  A special day of reflection and standing in awe of God’s provision.  I felt the urge to read some history out of a real paper book.  The title is in hand and it is; “A Patriot’s History of the United States,” put together by two Biblical men, Larry Schweikart and Michael Allen.  Starting on page 44 the text begins to talk about slavery.  O.K. right away, please note I am not ignorant of the force to become a slave or condone the practice.  But it is in the Bible and the guidance provided to the slaves is something that I cannot relate to “at all.”  The book text states that Edmond Morgan proves that slaves were brought to the new world very slowly at first.  It was economics!  Here Is the “make me think” moment.  We (no I) often dis-guard the teaching of the Bible to better my financial gain.  Here is my example.  My brother owes me five bucks.  I owe my dad 800 for a car he sold to me as a teaching lesson in how to handle money.  I missed payments in favor of buying gas and “cool stuff” for the car.  But I held my brother to the fire for the five bucks until one day we fought it out.  I won.  He gave me his last two dollars in coin stashed in his pocket.  Now that I think of this…it shames me to think that I can not pay him back.