April 29, 2019
September 15, 2019


There seems to be some confusion about feelings.  I read the twitter pages.  I read the current online news.  I watch the reactions of people around me as “life throws the arrows of the life journey.”

First remember and rehearse and mark this in stone.  “Feelings are neither right nor wrong.  They are the spontaneous reaction to a person, place, or happening in life.”  This is the truth.  These are the facts.  And once quoted by the wisest of all people living or dead…damn the facts, my mind is made up.

Unpack those feelings you are feeling right now as you read this BLOG.  Start the sentence out like this…I feel (then fill in the blank).  If the sentence can not be expressed using those two words, the words in your head wanting to come out are simply just a judgment about the person, place, or happening.  Here is an example of this sort thinking.  I feel that (then fill in the blank AND if it makes a complete sentence)…you are experiencing a judgement.

Complicated?  And it should be; we are humans with feelings and the ability to reason out the thoughts in our heads.  That reasoning of a person, place, or happening is what separates us from all other life.  Animals live by instinct.  Plants live by the grace of God.  Fish?  Who knows the deep instincts of that creation?

Here are a few common examples and comparisons of this remarkable part of our life as God’s child.

I feel driven.  The goal is written right in front of me and there is a wanting that I can not explain in words that helps me along toward that feeling of driven.  Think of my feeling like a driving rain.  There is nothing that can stop the water from falling so hard from the sky.

I feel that responsibility to be in the driver’s seat.  Please help me find new ways to improve the path so driving will be easier for all of us.

The first thought is a feeling (described).

The second thought is a way of controlling the feeling and the people around me.

To help in this discussion, read the sentences out loud.  The brain thinks differently when hearing the words coming from the air instead of the head.

Try this?  Read the words…I feel conflicted …out loud.

Now read this silently? …I feel that I am conflicted.

The spontaneous reactions are completely different …if (and only if) you are honest with yourself.

So? Now what?  It may be time to ponder the real big questions that roll around the feelings you are experiencing right now.