October 7, 2018
November 4, 2018


What age do (you) consider as “old?” Read on. The reader will most certainly discover my answer.

Try NOT to cheat. After all, I do recognize this is fiery prose that has the (end) to it.

Let’s start with a question? I grew up hearing this when “there was a life lesson” for my bothers and me. How old do you think you are? It pretty much was a no answer (answer) all the time. It was. “I don’t know.” Then when we were older it progressed into …”what did we do?” Said with the most innocent of tone we could muster, it was a question about what happened (usually some mischief) and NOT about the question of age.

So then. How old do you think you are?

Now at my age this question has become a critical thinking exercise in relative position.  The position I refer to is: “where on the ladder of life did I learn the most about this topic (fill in the blank).  In the march toward my final rest and joyous greeting from my Savior where can the most be extracted?  Why am I still here among the living when I can not find purpose or direction?  What can I do, as a final act of kindness, waiting for my Sunday event?  How is it that deep questions come later in life?  Where should I be right now (instead of here writing this BLOG)?

Always be reminded of these facts. I am old enough to know better. I am old enough to have seen or heard of (fill in the blank). I am old enough to have experienced both sides. I am old enough to (fill in the blank).  I am old enough to know the God of the only known universe has me “doing the right thing.”  Refer to this Bible passage for proof.

So? When I read my twitter feed; when I do more work this day because someone skips work (unannounced); when I buy or sell in the marketplace…I am old enough not to rant like a child “not getting his/her/its way. That, my friends, is the difference between winners and losers. I don’t play to participate. I play and WORK to win.

Moral of the BLOG? Just because the words sound like “music to your ears” and “candy in your mouth” …does NOT mean they are arranged correctly to reveal the truth.

As for my age? Keep guessing. Or goo-goo##gah-gah me. I am there in the ones and zeroes land of infinite possibility.

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