DAILY DIGG 07Mar2018
March 7, 2018
DAILY DIGG 11Mar2018
March 11, 2018


Three month prostate cancer <poke> just completed. It’s a nice long drive to the medical facility, so there is lots of time to think. Six hours down. Seven hours back. The increased back time is due to the more stops required to “untangle the pain of the butt ejection.” My care giver is most gracious and welcomes the time to relax in the truck.

This time the thinking (cap) went on overload as “the new normal” was described by the Doctor as a life worth living like a diabetic. They regulate and inject daily. I am living in three month increments. The wait time feels like seeing the first flow of water in a leaking dam. Very manageable and non-eventful; the patch goes into place and that’s that. Until, of course, the crack not attended to breaches and the whole place is full of rushing water. It’s a natural thing. It’s an expected thing. These three month checks are suppose to be the “fix the leak” so the crack does not give way. The pressure? It is still there and lapping over the top like a slurping dog at the water dish.

This time the thinking can make a difference in the way I approach my contribution to this BLOG and the goals of the site in general. I have been asking (begging) those people I know to read the posts and “give me feedback.” The great danger in this is the fact that my family and I hold no secrets and tell no lies. At least in the long run anyway. The discovery process is always painful. Here is the example. I wrote about a Plan B in a previous post. It sent the girls into a frizzy. My intention was to explain my willingness to be flexible. They read it as a “check-out” plan. Needless to say, the time to think fast exploded like the dam breaking in the previous paragraph.

This time the thinking rushed over the “un-done projects” and the list of great achievements and finally no stone unturned. I want to tell everyone reading this post there is no thinking outside the box (of projects, achievements, and/or stones) if the box has too much tape wrapped around it. The tape is the comfort of “good enough.” The tape is the “secure wage.” The tape is “don’t confuse me with facts, my mind is set.” I really didn’t appreciate how “out-of-the-box” I think until I introduced the two cancer aftercare solutions to the Doc and his staff. It could develop into a long story, but here is the final answer. “The tape has closed the box for good” when thinking about the next step of this new normal called <you are living with aggressive, advanced prostate cancer> prevents any conversation about skin pores and gut bacteria.

Take the survey now and see how tight the tape of your box has become.

I set the questions on our <Twitter-feed>

Come back to this site and “change the way I think… with some feedback”