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December 5, 2017
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December 9, 2017

CANcer thought 8/A.2.0

I watched a documentary last night detailing the Dr. Bursynski cancer “thing.” What strikes me the hardest about movies like this is the calm and definite tone. Imagine the sequence this way: Man gets artery cut and is now bleeding with a rhythmic beat of streaming red fluid. Man number one walks past and looks interested, but keeps walking. Man number two walks past and stops to arrest the bleeding as he looks up and asks for money to continue. Man number three runs to aid the bleeder and instructs the first two men to call 911, give his belt up, take your shirt off, hold your hand right here and then runs to get a first aid kit stored “over there.”

That is what the words “RICK you have advanced and aggressive prostate cancer” feels like.

That is what the world looks like after I heard “the announcement.” Some care and pass. Some care and share a wanting word. Some get dirty and pray and help as if their life depends on a good result.

This is not a “give up and die” speech. This is not a “take every word you hear from a doctor to the bank” speech. This is not a “God will take care of you” and everything will be alright speech. This is about a man with prostate cancer who loves the life God has given so wonderfully and is now watching a trial of “should I stay or should I go.” (PS I liked that song then and it is ringing in my ear now at a 25 volume.)

If anyone who is reading this post above the age of 45 years old has not thought about cancer’s death hold…he is lying with the vigor of a 2017 politician.

If anyone who is reading this post above the age of 45 years old has not given aid and comfort to a dying loved one or friend… move out now a find a job.

If anyone who is reading this post above the age of 45 years old has not went through a complete medical physical…schedule it now.

Knowing (your total physical condition) is more important than the fear of hearing “the announcement.”

Wanting (with a plan) is more important than waiting (for a plan) usually spit out by some stranger with an expert college degree.

Living with cancer is more life-full-filling than dying without an owner-operated plan. Be a man. Make a decision and live with the result. You know deep down what is a good read. See Romans 8.