January 23, 2019
February 3, 2019

CANCER the complicated way

Hello and welcome back to “just another day” in the life of one guy with Stage 4C, prostate cancer.  Now under the guidance of the radiation beam, I work, I wait, I think?  How is this so complicated?  Why is the cancer thing such a moving target?  My mind drifts to the (sin thing) and the fact that all evolution talk is really an enthalpy thing not to be broken.  Why does cancer seem to break this fundamental?

 For a science review go here:  YOU CAN NOT RESIST

First (and foremost) thank you to the “real smart people” who hung in there(and hanging)  and moved defiantly to advance the science of radiation to the body.  Giving new meaning to the phrase, “a punch to the body.”

Second (no less important) thank you to the “real family and friends” who are now hanging in there with me to listen, serve, and generally offer a kind and loving word, hug, smile, and everyday care.

Now for some science in the most practical way.  Science using the big picture that is always tilted on the mounting nail when you pass by.  Science that uses a multi-front battle ground with no equations and only empirical data on a scatter chart.

The term used by (my) hospital is “integrative care.”  I like that term.  It brings back memories of when I used the LaPlace transform(s) to solve first degree calculus equations.  I could only wish there was an equation for a cancer slope and curve.  I am reading a book about genes and the story behind how the “total human genome” was hammered out.  P.S.  I skipped an entire section on masterful eugenics.  No time for that non-sense.  What stands out to me( in the mind of critical thinking) is the OCB that a genetic  scientist uses to find “the missing link” from the social normal and completely missing the big picture of the naturally normal.

I can say it another way.  It starts with a question.  Why concern yourself with finding the homo-gene when the fish literally jumping in the boat wanting to go for a ride is cancer 101?  Is there more danger in advancing science than a socially degenerative life-style?  Before you judge?  What if we where “predisposed” to act out badly and relied on science to be “fruitful and multiply?”  How fun would that be?

To be fair?  To be scientific?  To be a human?  Find the switch that turned ON/OFF to manifest all cancers first.  Then play around with your social execution plans so you can be “the one in charge.”