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January 1, 2018
May the World be with YOU
January 7, 2018

CANCER Discovery WOW

First of all read the next sentence of this post as many times as it takes to “let that sink in.” I am NOT a medical doctor or do I even have any family in the medical field AND do not interpret any of this post as giving guidance AND I claim no claims material or implied AND think for yourself starting with the only (something) I encourage; a prayer to the God of the universe.

Facts are this:
1.  My hot-flashes are frequent and annoying my manHood.
2.  My skin only sweats around my head and the front of my chest.
3.  My “cancer induced water weight” has restricted my movement.
4.  My overall health is graded as “Fair.”
5.  My skin is dry and itchy and controls my body temperature at 97.7 degree F.

Thesis stated:    My skin is not sweating (all over) as I remember when physically stressed, therefore I will start a schedule of dry saunas to force the pores to expel water (and toxins).

Results of today’s visit to the BACC. [Here is the link.]

The facility has a dry sauna, pool, hot tub, and most importantly a cool shower close to the door of the sauna. The plan was to cycle through the sauna for one hour. The plan happened differently. The visit lasted 45 minutes. The first cycle time was five minutes in dry sauna, five minutes of cool down. Then three cycles of ten minutes each with the last cool down extended to fifteen minutes. I WAS CORRECT AND DISCOVERED THAT NO SWEAT CAME FROM ANYWHERE EXCEPT MY FACE AND FRONT CHEST AREA.

This FACT is huge. This is medical. This is a start of a weekly sauna visit to the BACC.

Now for the embarrassing question. Why hasn’t any literature, white paper, standard medical practice, or the great medical community even given this recovery procedure a mention or sarcastic comment?

Rejoice with me now in discovering the way to purge the CHEMO treatment and restore a healthy and breathing large body organ we all know as the skin of our body. Recall?  I consider a good deep breath the very first step toward great health.  I promise …there will be more to this discovery.