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September 5, 2017
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September 10, 2017

BIG number FIVE

The title is misleading. This article deals with the fifth cycle of CHEMO treatment for prostate cancer not the five pillars of the site. A quick side note now. Here is your invitation to visit the [twitter] account that I post on “pretty regularly.

Shall we get to the Wellness Road?

IM sure the reader has noticed that five pictures are displayed on the page now. I have been surfing and that always gets my writing/posting skills primed to do something “significant.”

The facts are the clinical drugs are overloading my head with wide awake thoughts. The moon is shining full bright and the time is VERY early. We say “up before the roster crows.” The muscle tissue is twitching. My right leg has a peculiar ache and the Bible is to the right of me waiting to be opened for “some good news.” Of which, will not be found on the airwaves at this moment.  Maybe the www?  Earthquakes, hurricanes, and the bad mouth of the “gee ain’t it awful” crowd continue to distract our time. 

Now for the real meat of wellness.

I spent some time getting to know my living and survival skills these past few days. In my notebook is a separation of the four key elements of a natural life here on the God-given earth. (More on that later)  The fifth cycle in CHEMO is a good lesson in the first major fire-fight of life. Breathing air. Taking in the fresh feeling of being alive. Enjoying a lingering whoosh of the regular intake and exhaust of life flowing through the mouth and nose. Here is the breakdown.

1. The sea creatures, the fresh water fish, and all the swimmers in the water(s) and the flying birds have a soul. That surprised me this time I read that statement. (ref GEN 1:21). The soul is the “breath of life.” It was the fifth day of creation.

2. Then on the sixth day, the words change to the “soul of life.” Maybe there is a distinction? Why would two different word concepts be used if this were not important? The soul of life refers to the earth and it’s bringing forth. It is a clear indication that out of the dirt came life. It is a preparation for the big deal latter in the day. That would be the creation of man.

3. Then, there is a jump in the text.  Go to chapter two, verse seven. God “blew into the nostrils of the man.” Did you catch that difference? For the animals, birds, and the water creatures the soul came “forth.” For the man, it took a breathe of life from the Creator to bring life into the man. This must be important?

4. And now, I sit at the desk, hoping above all hope that just the right man will read this posting and breathe a new life into his wellness road.

5. The fifth CHEMO cycle continues to be a diet challenge also. Gaining weight because of “no taste buds.” Fighting the fire of poor gut bacteria with a plethora of food choices. Installed the “Grander” (tell Martin about this referral?) water technologies in my house system and currently testing whatever comes to mind. This is an engineering thing. Something I was born with and continue to exploit. Think scientific method and we will be on the same page.