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June 27, 2018
July 17, 2018

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Good Morning !!!

Day 4, back at (local retailer). Aleve and Turmeric: check.
Knee pads: to be purchased today and maybe a back brace. Check.

I’m not quite in the right rhythm of sleep, work, nap, prayer, worship and everything else…but ‘things’ seem to be improving daily. 😉
Had a lengthy conversation with a couple of persons who repeatedly stated that they thought any Doctor that refuses service to anyone (regardless of reasons) should be punished severely by authorities including removed from practice. I disagreed.

Initially, their statements were a rant against religious exercise of freedoms in the marketplace and that Dr’s must be required to perform abortions when requested…

Please Read Isaiah 1:18-28

The good news, the conversation didn’t erode further into falsehoods, assumptions and stereotypical assaults !!! It became respectful after they challenged me fiercely.

When I refused to be triggered, the conversation further became a searching for (t)ruth. And since they brought up Jesus, I began questioning why they thought Christian Doctors should be held to the standards they believed Jesus exemplified.

My points:

(1) People really do expect us to ‘be’ like Jesus, if we say we are Christian.

(2) As Believers, we must pursue a higher standard than our own particular stance on hot topics. Anything less than kindness and meekness ignites fires and creates an atmosphere in which reason seldom exists.

(3) We must present the Truth, but let the Spirit do His Work of conviction… John 16:13

I find it more helpful to ‘reason together’ and grant permission for not only disagreement, but also for different applications of the Truth discerned. …even the Apostles needed to meet in order to determine how they would address some of the issues of their day.
Proverbs 11:14, Proverbs 15:22, Proverbs 24:6

My questions… How willing are we to be misunderstood ? …misjudged ? …misrepresented ?
even Vilified …How willing are we to then give Grace and Kindness ? Can we lay down our ‘righteous indignation and pain’ in order that we might ‘reason together’ ?

For me, it’s easier said then done. But in Christ, I am able.
We aren’t in Kansas anymore and this time clicking our Ruby Red Slippers doesn’t work.