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July 26, 2018
August 2, 2018


Good Morning !!!

I spent a good portion of the weekend listening to the Holy Spirit speak about what it means for me to say or call Jesus ‘Lord’.

Paul’s life and Spirit-led Words have often stirred me up, sometimes bringing frustration, sometimes pushing me way beyond my comfort levels, toward radical obedience….
the singular focus of knowing Christ.

“That I may Know Him and the power of the resurrection, and may share His sufferings, becoming like Him in His death…forgetting what lies behind and straining to what lies ahead I press on…..Brothers, join in imitating me.” Philippians 3:10-17

Sounds a bit insane or impossible, doesn’t it ?
Sharing His sufferings ?
Like Him in His death ?

Too often, we relegate this to hyperbole or the prideful exaggeration of the Apostle in order to shame his opponents. Most, simply choose to mark this passage as Impossible; saying, something like this, “God hasn’t called me to be an apostle, pastor or missionary… God hasn’t seen fit to ‘gift’ me with such and such a life circumstance or calling”…

I suggest to you then, rip it out of your Bible.
Set it aside as ‘something other’ than the Word of God.
Take your argument to Jesus and lay your complaint at his feet…beneath the Cross.
Stand in your denial that God has called you to be more than you already are.
Scream it, mock God and His Son with your declarations.


Ask Him continually to show Himself with Resurrection Power in your life.
Prepare yourself in Worship, Praise and the Word.

Ask Him to Reveal Himself in ways that you can understand; in ways that enable you to Know Him. Prepare yourself for a radical realignment of your comforts.

Ask Him How What it means at this season of your life to Share in His Sufferings…
Prepare yourself for loss of independence; get ready to learn to lament.

Ask Him What you must do to be Obedient to His Word…
Prepare yourself for being completely misunderstood to be considered unhinged.

Ask Him What Next is required to put to death your human propensity toward self-survival.
Prepare yourself; Read daily and put to Memory both Philippians 2:1-18 and the above Scriptures.

“Test me, Try me…” Psalm 26:2