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December 28, 2017
New Year New Thinking
January 1, 2018

Almost a Good Day

Good Morning !!!

Egregious: a word I’d apply to the ATF, FBI and Texas Law Enforcement assaults on The Branch Davidian compound in Waco. That or Asinine.
It was a para-military disaster demonstrating a profound failure to consider the likely reactions of those under assault.

Something like attempting to build ‘a bridge over troubled waters’ without listening to experts, while seeking to make a name for oneself.
I couldn’t help recognize the unpreparedness of the ATF alongside the arrogance of the FBI.

Key leadership put valiant men in harms way as a show of force without having discerned the times or listened to the Intel that was available.
Command failed to be either Berean or like the Sons of Issachar. Acts 17:11, I Chronicles 12:32 Watching the documentary was highly disturbing…
Listening to the language of the cover up and false narratives was even worse.

Obviously, I still have some ‘issues’ from Vietnam.

Now to my point: The Culture of a Community and Nation changes over time. Wise men observe and seek to understand the likely response of the people. Superior strategists read the times and adjust their tactics.

The Leadership of Churches seeking to remain faithful to God’s Purposes and His Spirit will put away pride, put away traditions of men, put away false narratives and use the observed characteristics of the culture to accomplish what God has commanded.

The Commands still remain “Go and Make Disciples….” and a key question is “Go Where ? and How shall we speak meaningfully ?”
Simply put: Are our Methodologies Working Well ? Why are the ‘Done’ (with us) leaving en mass ? And if they are going elsewhere, Why ?
Stop the blaming. Stop the complaining. Stop the excuses…

Read the Culture by it’s Clues, Solve the puzzle and Escape the Locked Rooms…
To Accomplish God’s Purposes today….Churches must change.
Get Help, Do the Assessments, Make the Adjustments.

Much is permissible, but not everything is beneficial. I Corinthians 10:23