DAILY DIGG 24Apr2018
April 24, 2018
Church and Thus then Sow
May 2, 2018

All Things Matter even the SUN

Good Morning !!!

Good read for the day is/was/what will be:  Ecclesiastes 3:1-8

What a difference consistent sunshine makes in people !! I know the thing about Vitamin D and all that, but I’m referencing ‘the delight’ when people believe what they see; ground instead of snow banks.

I’d noticed the ‘tired of this’ attitude with both co-workers and customers. And so has the economic prognosticators.

It’s been reported that the economy has been on the skids or at a standstill ‘waiting’.
I can attest (the local hardware) has seen the bubble and the burst.

Plants, dirt, yard tools…lumber, nails, screws and construction tools all of a sudden have become today’s necessity. And I see people now pushing themselves to get ‘outside’ and do the hard work of cleaning up the messes that were until very recently hidden.

Tis’ the Season….almost. 😉 Careful now.


I wonder…

What spiritual discipline’s renewal have been ‘waiting’ for to become our delight ?
What needs sharpening ? What needs removal from hiding ?
What needs to be ‘made ready’ ?
What projects is God preparing for you ?
Which would He have you do again…which not so much ? 😉

I wonder, what if we would spend an increased amount of time in His Word…believing it.
How might that change what we see, believe and experience ?
….and become more capable to do ?