DAILY DIGG 04Nov2017
November 4, 2017
DAILY DIGG 10Nov2017
November 10, 2017


I have a sign out front that refers to (a warning shot). When the sign was purchased, there was humor in the air. No one was even thinking of the fact that 10 years later that feeling in the air would have changed so dramatically. And now it is time for the first warning shot and for the next few years of man-to-man talk on our internet site. The goal remains the same. The mission has not faltered. The BIG FIVE will not change. No humor is in the air for a time. Shall we talk about being born again?

The question comes from the Bible. The book of John tells a tale of a man asking Jesus about the born again thing He just referred to when telling everyone listening that God judges the non-believer. Are you a non-believer? If so, take note now the (feeling in the) air is about to change dramatically. Jesus went on to explain the whole thing in detail using the wind as a critical metaphor. If you can acknowledge (or feel) that we live because of body and spirit, then this all makes perfect sense. If you accept that our flesh is our total concern, then this gun talk is nothing but foolishness and cheap talk.

The answer comes from what we know. A disciplined person shall always consider there are questions without an answer except for a trip outside of the box. The box has dimensions of body, soul, and mind in our story. The body fits our understanding of the physical. The soul is akin to the wind. We feel it. We hear it. We know it as air movement. But the speed and direction remain out of touch. No one can tell us where the wind will end its journey. That is truth for us. The exception box comes when Jesus hints there is a journey’s end. The end comes at the time when the mind will finally except the truth. The truth is we use God’s granting of discipline to decide to be born again.

The promise comes in the future. In the future there will be separating of the (God’s) sheep and the (devil’s) goats. If this were not true, then why is there a feeling within you that a warning shot was fired and you ignored it and continued as if never feeling its brisk coolness on your face. Is there a truth that will not been seen because the warning shot was ignored?

I have heard during these times there is only good waiting for all who will die. I have heard during these times the visible box is the only box we will experience. I have heard during these times of promises of sexual pleasure waiting for an evil act of death to those who don’t have the black box.  And the foolishness continues as the warning shot is forever ignored.

The choice always becomes whether to live or to die. That is why a gun talk is so perfectly fitting these days. That gun does nothing but wait for our decision. Do you want to be a sheep or shall you decide to be a goat? The only way out of this feeling is to decide.